How to Remove a Video from You Tube that is uploaded By another User?


Deleting the videos on You Tube that you have uploaded is easy. Simply by going for the Video Manager page once you logged into your You Tube account, you can find the option delete under the Action menu and can delete a particular video. But when you want to remove or delete a video that is not uploaded by you and belongs to some other’s account, what you can do for knowing how to remove YouTube video?

As there are so many videos uploaded for You Tube on a daily basis, you may come across objectionable one sometime. In order to remove that video from the You Tube’s video list, you need to follow some steps. So, first you need to know how to remove a video from You Tube when that video to belong to another member on the site.

With every video uploaded on this site, you can find a toolbar and want to know about how to remove a video from YouTube. This toolbar comprises of different Action buttons. To the right of the toolbar, you can find the Flag Icon. This is also called as the Flagging Tool which you can use to report about a video to the You Tube staffs. Once you Flag that video, the concerned staffs will review it. When you click on that button, it will also ask you to input the details related to why that video needs to be removed. You have to fill it out. Once the staffs found that such video is violating the guidelines of You Tube, they will remove it. In case, they found no violation, that video will remain there.

Check out box next to every video that you like to delete

Select on “Clear viewing history” in case you like to delete all videos that you have watched.

While browsing through the YouTube, you might run in the video that you find, for a reason or other, objectionable. Whereas you cannot delete the videos directly, as they are not on the account, you may contact YouTube staff & make the case for removal. How can you do depends on issue with video. Flagging is a easiest way of bringing video to attention of YouTube staff. While you find any objectionable video, click on "Flag" icon on the page, choose reason that you are reporting this from a list, provide some additional information like requested and click on "Submit." Using the system, you may report the videos for the sexual content, abuse, violence, child victimization or harmful and dangerous acts. The spam and misleading videos will be reported through the system. The YouTube staff reviews each flagged video as well as removes infringing the terms of use.

issue before taking any action; once the time period gets elapsed, video will be reviewed by the staff. Once you know the process to remove it will be much easier so what are you waiting for.

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